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Our nation’s racial, social and economic divide began with the institution of racially based American slavery. This is THE indisputable fact of our American History. Slavery was after all, the one essential ingredient to the foundation, of all of colonial America. However, in order for the positive societal change to occur, that we all desire as Americans, we can no longer view our problems as, Black VS White. We must begin to look at and attack them as a, Black AND White and everywhere in between problem. Truth in history will be the uniting common denominator to help us accomplish this ultimate goal.


  • The Truth in History Initiative, operates within a simple framework : We believe being told the truth is better than being lied to. Truths equal good data in and good data in, yields effective solutions out.


  • The Truth In History Initiative, makes a straightforward three part demand of the incumbent political establishment and mass media; Admit you have lied to us, tell us why you have lied to us and the finally, stop lying to us. You will find yourself out of a job otherwise because we will, very quickly have the collective strength in both knowledge and numbers, to see to it.


  • The Truth In History Initiative, has a core belief; We know that the quality of life, of every single American can and will be improved upon if, some basic truths about where it is in which we came and how we evolved, as the United States of America are once and for all, shared with its citizens.


The Truth In History Initiative has the foundational research to demonstrate, that the American History that we have been taught has been purposefully misrepresented, in order to divide and disempower Americans. This collection of lies, “taught” on a daily basis in our school systems and perpetuated throughout mass media, is carried over into our everyday lives and negatively impact our ability as Americans, to positively impact the racial, social and economic divide, that is once again widening in our country.

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We ask the following questions of every American; 

  • Have you ever considered or questioned the source of the American History that you were taught as a child?
Chances are the answer is no.
  • Have you ever considered that both the public and the private school systems, along with our American History text books, have been purposefully designed to misrepresent, especially with regards to the history of racially based American slavery, its government sanctioned continuations and its modern day extensions? 
Omitting or de-emphasizing important data IS an outright lie as far as the Truth In History Initiative is concerned.
  • Have you ever considered that this curriculum, of systematically misrepresented “education” and “history”, is the reason that America is as divided as it is?
The goal of the political establishment is to not have a “United” America but a “Divided” America and they do a very good job of accomplishing this goal, don’t they?
  • Have you ever considered, that the combined teaching, mass disseminated sharing and subsequent regurgitation of this misrepresented “education” and “history” is designed, to create a cycle that disables our ability as Americans to improve our overall quality of life and “equality” in America, for every American?
Has to be eliminated…


  • And lastly, have you ever considered that if “We the People” had been empowered by and had our perspective improved upon, with “truth in history”; our country’s racial, social and economic problems would not be getting worse but they would actually be getting better, because of the innate, problem solving and uniting qualities of truth?   


Well… we have and The Truth In History Initiative after three years of exhaustive and really what amounts to unintentional research (we were working on something else at the time and the initiative evolved out of  that research) has stumbled upon, identified and defined the problem. We have also conceptualized an innovative approach to begin exploring solutions. The previous questions, will be put to the test and the entire United States of America across every imaginable geographical, racial, social and economic divide, will act as the control.

This is the type of America that needs to be engaged and invited to the discussion, for solution to occur. But How? We feel like we have found an answer to that most important question…..

All of the vehicles that the initiative will use to ignite solution are designed to work synergistically but that synergy begins with being fueled by our fellow American citizens.

  • It initializes with, the sharing of pertinent and thought provoking information. We call this sharing truths.
  • It strengthens as Americans begin to feel empowered by truth and in turn, look to connect with one another, both individually and with existing collectives. We call this uniting.
  • It becomes self sustaining, as this constructive behavior expands as each individual perspective is added to the discussion and the yield becomes solution. We call this problem solving.
Problems Solving Can Be a Perpetual Positive Cycle
Racial, social and economic problem solving can be a perpetual positive cycle in this country but only once the truth has been established. If truth is absent from the equation our nation’s racial, social and economic problems will exist in perpetuity.

The most effective way we intend to accomplish this intimate connection is with, a year long Amtrak train ride across America and back again. This year long exploration and examination of America will enable us to connect to every racial, social and economic divide our modern day rural, suburban and metropolitan landscape has to offer.


America and Americans will act as the gauge, provide the data and become part of the process, as it develops. The inclusionary environment that will be created with the help of social media will enable a true and tangible “American Collective” to begin to shape and form almost seamlessly. Americans will be empowered and start to assume ownership of the project because of three fundamental reasons.

  • First and foremost because they have been invited to do so. The environment we seek to create is inclusive of everyone.
  • Secondly because the content, message and mission is not only designed to provoke though, it is even more importantly engineered to unite and empower.
  • And thirdly, because the innovative method the initiative has created, in order to help Americans connect to, manage, share and then convert, this game changing content into solution, is unprecedentedly easy to use.


The current state of America and Americans in 2018, will demonstrate just how much the lies have or have not negatively affected us. It will also demonstrate, just how much truth in history can or can not help us. To find out more about our “year long train ride across America and back” click here

All Aboard!!!
We choose to use Amtrak as our vehicle because of the incomparably unique way a train can not discriminate. She is forced to traverse every part of both our beautifully rich and our unimaginably ugly, United States of America.

American citizens will be invited to connect with the initiative and with each other, throughout our year long journey, through social media. Their collective input and influence along the way, will actually dictate the content of the next step in the initiative, which is an empowering and uniting book.

This inclusionary environment that is The Truth In History Initiative, fertilizes the American Collective which begins to form organically. The exponential growth occurs because our uniting invitation is rooted in truth and has been extended to all Americans, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing.


American citizens, will not only figuratively “ride along” with us, they will become contributors, decision makers and part of the final solution, by helping to guide and influence, our innately flexible itinerary. If you would like to have a better idea of The Truth In History Initiative’s itinerary click here.

We do indeed! The strength and potential of the initiative lies with empowered Americans uniting for positive change, even when or especially when, differences exist. We have countless smaller, like minded collectives doing great work but the majority of their memberships have a restricted demographic and their missions cater to a finite, localized agenda. We need these agendas expanded, in order to ignite and unite, a truly empowered American Collective. The Truth In History Initiative will be the common denominator and the catalyst for this progression.

The data that we will amass, will be combined with our research and culminate in an informative, accessible and easy to reference book The Wrong Side of the Tracks. This book that Americans have now helped to write, will act as both, a uniting guide and a concise pointer for any American who desires to know more truth about how, the present day condition of America came to be.


The purpose of the book is to never merely inform but to most importantly, unite and empower Americans, into positively impacting their present day condition. When the ability to connect to, manage and utilize, thought provoking content is both, enhanced and simplified, the potential onlooker is easily converted, to an engaged and active contributor. The more informed, engaged and united Americans are, the more solution will follow, it is impossible for this not to occur. To go directly to the book The Wrong Side of the Tracks click here

The beauty of the initiative is that we are in our infantile stage and we are largely a sociological  experiment designed to facilitate solution. We are taking our first baby steps by ourselves. Our hope is that by the top of this staircase Americans would have united and embraced this empowering idea and joined us by the hundreds of thousands if not the millions. Therein lies the power and potential for positive change.
We Know We Have Been Possessed By Passion
Our passion for this Initiative has turned into an obsession for positive change for every American regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing. “We the People” have the shear numbers to do this. It is we who are the majority and for whom our government is suppose to be working for, not the other way around.
We are counting on Americans being attracted to this uniting and inclusionary concept. We need and welcome different perspectives and points of view because solution lies in recognizing and increasing our understanding of our differences, coupled with positive exchange and voices being heard. Once an inclusionary environment is created the process can be nurtured and become a perpetual positive cycle.
  • The first step in the initiative is to identify the problem, which are the lies that we have been taught in our American History.
  • The second step is to reinforce that these are indeed lies, by sharing what the “truth in history” really is.
  • The third step is to demonstrate how and why, these lies are perpetuated and how and why, they are systematically designed to disempower and divide us. Conversely, how and why this designed misrepresentaion, benefits the political establishment.
  • The more important fourth step is to extend this “truth vs lie” paradigm into our current state of America and test it. This is where the train ride comes in. The good usable data that we will collect, will either prove one of two things. That our theory has merit or that it does not.
  • The most important fifth step is to now use this truthful good data, to create a perpetual and self sustaining cycle that will contribute to solving our American racial, social and economic problems. This is where the book comes in and will act as the uniting catalyst of a manual, for these positive changes to occur.
The Truth In History Initiative does not take a passive approach because history has proven the more American citizens display passivity the more the establishment will display aggression. If we give an inch they will take a mile.  It is our time to aggressively demand of the establishment that truths be shared, our needs be met and our voices be heard.

The Truth In History Initiative’s purpose is to not only inform the American public but much more importantly to empower individual Americans into seeking and creating beneficial solutions. We use truth as the uniting catalyst for this positive change. If we demonstrate that so very many of our modern day racial, social and economic problems are expertly engineered to disempower us and are virtually unsolvable because nobody really knows the truth, we can begin to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

It will be this, now newly informed and empowered, American Collective that will once again enable a “government for the people, by the people” and powerfully influence policy making.

The Bad Data Has To Go
Or? We the People, allow it to happen……..

When America finally makes the choice, to begin to utilize truth and good data as opposed to accepting the lies and bad data, that we have always been fed, the yield will be a perpetual cycle of solution. The perpetual cycle of ineffectiveness that we, the American people have always been subjected to, will be no longer.

In our model, Americans are no longer “subjects” but integral to the dynamic. “We” are creating the solutions for “our” problems. We are now no longer looking to or blaming the political establishment for our condition because we are now empowered to positively affect our present day, individual and collective American condition. We are strengthened not just by knowledge but by shear numbers and always united by truth.


The Truth In History Initiative is not designed to place blame or to even question whether the effort has, or has not always been put forth. These questions are inconsequential to solution so we do not ask them, nor is it necessary for the now empowered by truth, American Collective to ask them either. 

The realization has been made that effort, no matter how great it may, or may not be, when combined with bad data, will inevitably yield bad results. This idea is fundamental to the initiative and it is, as simple a premise, as ever there was. TRUTH IS GOOD | LIES ARE BAD

The solution lies with “We the People” and not with incumbent politicians and institutional lifers. THEY HAVE FAILED US. They do not work for us. They work for big business.

The solutions to our modern day problems, lie where they always have, with the creation of an empowered and informed American Public. The only way that a truly empowered American Public is realized is through education but not just with the same blind repetitive educational system that has always been. This collective system has too, failed us. The solution starts in education reform and in implementing innovative approaches to learning, that include customizing and personalizing the transference of knowledge but it truly begins or potentially ends with, “truth in history”. 


The Truth In History Initiative is a departure from the status quo, we prefer to use terms like “sharing with”, “guiding”, “pointing to”, “empowering” and “creating awareness of”, as opposed to “teaching”, “training” or “educating”. We stand counter to the homogeneous and often times erroneous curriculum being disseminated to the masses. Instead we believe that a much more personalized and customized approach in the sharing of knowledge is critical to unlocking individual potential and truly sparking creative and innovative thought.

The initiative is a product of this ideology. We have experienced this awakening first hand and we know that other Americans will too when presented with the opportunity. The opportunity starts with being told the truth.



a_aaaaaWhen truth in history is unveiled to any single person, an empowering awakening follows. Questions that prior to, seemed impossible to answer, now become much clearer because the individual now knows both the foundation of the problem and has been pointed to the variables that effect the possible outcome or solution. As a result Americans become more engaged and the more Americans, that are engaged in the process and with one another, the more solution will be the byproduct. 

Unlocking individual potential is inclusive and empowering. The continued empowerment of the political establishment is exclusionary and weakens “We the People”…

The unlocking of individual potential, yields a reinvigorated and empowered participant, that is now prepared to do one of two things; either create a new collective of their own or become a contributing part of one that already exists. Great leaders are birthed as is, an abundance of informed contributors. The individual is now “armed” and connected, in a way that they have never experienced before and that comes in the form of truth.


Either case is beneficial to the overall American well being because collectives are either being created, nurtured, strengthened, grown and most importantly combined. When more truth and perspective is added to the equation, the overall yield is one of even greater benefit because it is even more abundant and of better quality. The trend perpetuates and our societal divisions lessen.


The genetics of this high quality yield, continues to strengthen as it evolves, it becomes a positive cycle. The hybrid derivatives, because of the quality that is now innately woven into the fabric that is truth, is only a better version than was previously. The cycle repeats itself, the growth continues and the yield is only enhanced generation by generation. The collectives continue to be strengthened as every new individual perspective is integrated. This trend now becomes a synergy and the synergy quickly becomes self sustaining because of the presence of one common and uniting denominator, the heirloom of TRUTH. The shift has collectively been made from lies to truths and solutions manifest naturally.


We don’t magically all come together and agree on everything. Our differences are fundamental to who we are as Americans and intelligent debate and compromise is fundamental to solution but what we now have is something that we have never had before and that is the common ground in which to better understand one another and that is truth in history.

The fact that the American Collective now knows, exactly what the lies are and that these lies have been designed to systematically hurt, disempower and divide us, now becomes fundamental to solution.


Harvest after harvest yields the same result, an abundance of solution. If the collective begins to steer off course, it is easily righted because of the shared principle and goal, a better America for every American, always united by truth.

Truth unites, lies divide. The sharing of truth equals good data in and good data in yields positive solutions out. It is impossible for this not to happen. The perpetuation of lies equals bad data in and bad data in yields ineffective solutions out. It is inevitable that this too will occur, we have proven this cycle, ad nauseum.


If you have reservations about this theory, you do indeed have every right to but that is exactly why The Truth In History Initiative has initiated. We are going to use the entire United States of America to help answer your questions. What are you afraid of? Maybe we will prove our point of view to be completely wrong and yours to be right but for the first time, truthful and uncensored data, will tell the story.

The time is now, that we try something different and attempt to unite America. We need your participation to help make solution become a reality.


Truth and solution go hand in hand and by their nature neither divides. They each magnetically bring people together and the ultimate harvest is witnessed when a true, enlightened and empowered, American Collective organically forms. This is what we want! This is what we need…

The American Collective is energy, but not mechanically produced by polarizing political rhetoric but naturally occurring, like the sun and the wind.


The American Collective becomes harder and harder to fragment and divide, which is the goal of our current partisanship based political system, because we are now more informed than we have ever been before. Americans are no longer “subjected” to our political system, we are now a powerful, dictating and active “component’ of it, empowered by numbers, perspective and always, united by truth.

The less polarized we are as American citizens, the more power we hold over the government. The more polarized we are as American citizens, the more power the government holds over us. Make no mistake at this point in our American development, it is us against them. The dangers the Founding Father’s explicitly tried to prevent, have now become our reality.


Our United States government was never designed to have this much power over its constituents but the truth in history is, by our complacency and willingness to not be informed contributors we have allowed this to happen. The great news is, it is not too late for “we the people” to reverse this trend but we do have to start now. We are quickly reaching the point of no return.




a=aaaaaaIf this all sounds like some “Utopianistic” rhetoric to you, I certainly do not blame you because in a way it is. The idealistic “idea” of bringing people together and creating powerful collectives is nothing new. Unfortunately, we have so far proven that since the American Revolution, this potential in the American people is unrealized. “We the People” have not been able to come together and create an informed, powerful and constructive enough collective, to demand of our politicians to once again begin serving the needs of “We the People”.

The opposite describes our current American condition…

What I just put pen to paper, is not original thought necessarily, these words have been written a 1000 times over in one form or another since Before Christ. So what makes the idea that is The Truth In History Initiative, any different and how could we ever hope to be part of a massive synergistic American solution?


The decidedly original or “risky” approach, that The Truth In History Initiative is willing to take, is in “the how” we plan on sharing, pointing, creating and empowering. What makes our “idea” innovative and potentially revolutionary in its impact, is its inclusionary atmosphere coupled with our delivery system. In order to accomplish something that has never been accomplished before, both the method and the vision have to be new and have to involve risk.

We have risked everything to get to this point, relationship, professional, health, finances, you name it, but that is only because we know we have found the impetus for solution. Click on the “Risks Ahead” street sign to find out more about our original delivery system. Thank you!